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Don't forget the Bettering Veteran's Lives Tournament at AMF Union Hills Lanes

Sunday November 16, 1PM


19th Annual Valley of the Sun Senior Tournament

October 25th and 26th 2014

Brunswick Desert Sky Lanes

4-Man Team/Singles/Doubles

Official Results

73rd Annual MPUSBC Open Championships

March 15, 16, 22, 23

Brunswick Tri-City (doubles/singles)

AMF Christown (team)


Masters and Queens

Princess and Classified Masters Tournaments

April 5-6, 2014


Bryanna Caldwell and Andrew Cain retain their titles



Andrew Cain and Bryanna Caldwell successfully repeated as the Masters and Queens champions at Brunswick Desert Sky. 

Andrew defeated Lanndyn Carnate 448-435 in the championship match. 

Bryanna defeated Aesha Turner 425 -390 to win the title.




Michelle Hadley, 2014 Princess                              Gary Demeny, 2014 Classified Masters





Bowlers competing in short-season leagues that begin March 1, 2014, or later can purchase a United States Bowling Congress membership at a reduced price.

The new USBC Adult Basic membership will be available for bowlers who compete in leagues that have 16 or fewer sessions. The membership will cost $10, not including state dues, and it provides an USBC-certified average so bowlers can compete in local, state and national tournaments.

In addition to the league having 16 or fewer sessions, the league must designate as a short-season league; the league's prize fund will be bonded. Each USBC Adult Basic membership will be good only for that league, which means if a bowler wants to participate in another short-season league, they would have to purchase another USBC Adult Basic membership.

 High score achievements will be recognized and officially recorded by USBC, but awards such as rings and plaques are not included in the USBC Adult Basic membership. Members do have the option to purchase high score awards. Membership cards will not be mailed to the bowler but will be electronic only for the USBC Adult Basic membership.

Bowlers with a current Adult Standard membership would not be required to purchase a USBC Adult Basic membership to compete in a short-season league and would be eligible for honor score awards earned in the league.

FAQ's about basic memberships



72nd Annual MPUSBC Ladies Open Championships

February 8, 9, 15 and 16, 2014

Glenfair Lanes

This tournament is the Open Championships for all Metro Phoenix USBC certified women members.  Bowlers not a member of the MPUSBC can pay the Local Association dues to participate in the tournament.

Averages and scores have been verified.  Below is the official prize list.  Prize checks will be going out to the team captains the week of March 10th.



The scratch champions in each division are credited with a MPUSBC Title and will receive awards at the Annual Banquet.




56th Annual MPUSBC Senior Open Championships


January 4-5, 2014

The MPUSBC Senior Open Championships was hosted by AMF Deer Valley on January 4th and 5th. The tournament is open to all current USBC members in an Association within Arizona who are 50 years of age or over as of January 4, 2014.  

The tournament had four-person teams, doubles, singles and all-events.  Scratch awards in singles and all events will be awarded based on 5 age divisions.  Prize money is awarded for the handicap scores in one division.



Congratulations to the Tournament Champions and all the cashers.

 Prize checks have been mailed to the team captains.



Alan Grobmeier went undefeated in the 2013-14 Senior Masters double elimination finals to capture the title.  Alan lead qualifiying on Saturday and then as the top seed on Sunday defeated Tom Frigon 534-395, Mike Friedrichs 517-472, and then Warren Eales twice 499-459, 492-478. He also added a 300 game to his credentials.

Other finalists in order of finish, Warren Eales, Cliff Connors, Pete Partridge, Mike Friedrichs, Robert Lewis, Dwight Burns and Tom Frigon.

34th Annual MPUSBC Youth Open Championships

January 25-26, 2014

AMF Desert Hills





High Scores for 2013-14

Here are the High Scores for Metro Phoenix reported through March 25, 2014

Men:  Kurtis Paul  869

Women:  Emily Ornelas 799


Emily Ornelas, 2012-13 Women's High Series, 789


800 Series          300 Games       11 Strikes in a Row




5th Annual MPUSBC King/Queen and Duke/Duchess tournament

Sunday November 17th at 11:00am

Bell Lanes


We had a great turn out for the tournaments at Bell Lanes.  In the King/Queen scratch tournament, there were 12 entrants and in the Duke/Duchess handicap tournament 31 entrants.

Sean Trzaskowski defeated Austin Muldoon in the stepladder final match to repeat as the champion in the King/Queen tournament.  He received $200 in SMART Scholarship money for the win.  Austin received $125.  Rounding out the top 4 were Gillian Coyle $75 and Dakota Miller $50.

In the Duke/Duchess tournament, James Wilson won the title by defeating Ruben Jimenez.  James received $250 in his SMART account while Ruben received $190.  Others receiving scholarship winnings were MIchael Mellecker $170, Ethan Hall $150, Corbin Hirsch $130, Nathan Skirvin $110, Abigail Franklin $100 and Destiny Johnson.

A total of $1635.00 was awarded to the Youth Bowlers in SMART Scholarships

Thank you to all the participants and Bell Lanes for hosting the tournaments.


AMF UNION HILLS,  NOVEMBER 10th   2 squads, 10am or 2:00pm

BVL Tournament


Women's Classic:

Jacqueline Smith  $10.00

Women's A Division

Daniella Molano  $70.00;  Alison Kozak  $30.00

Women's B Division

Samantha Oswald  $60.00

Men's Classic

Verlandas Lenear  $80.00;  Dwayne Brooks  $40.00; Jaramie Sherer  $30.00

Men's A Division

Jeff Alexander  $90.00; Jeffrey Williams  $60.00; Cory Vanderpoel  $40.00

Men's B Division

Chad Baldridge  $50.00

Youth A Division

Nasthan Porter  $20.00 (SMART)

Youth B Division

Devin McGuire  $20.00 (SMART

Tyler Anaya  $10.00 (SMART)



18th Annual Valley of the Sun Senior Tournament

October 26-27 at Lakeview Lanes

The Valley of the Sun Senior Tournament was held at Lakeview Lanes this year.  There were 2 team squads on Saturday at 9am and 12:30pm and doubles/singles squad on Saturday at 12:30pm and 2 squads on Sunday at 9am and 1:30pm. 

Congratulations to all the cashers and scratch champions. 

Congratulations to Johhny Gonzales and David Burgstahler for their 300 games and Warren Eales for his 815 series!




11th Annual Valley of the Sun Senior Masters

November 9, 2013

The Valley of the Sun Senior Masters was held at Lakeview Lanes. Warren Eales defeated Bill Evans by 1 pin to capture this year's title.  Warren needed to strike out in the 10th frame of the last game of match play to earn the win.

30th Annual Maricopa County Senior Women's Tournament

November 2-3 at Lakeview Lanes

The Maricopa County Senior Women's tournament was held at Lakeview Lanes on November 2nd and 3rd.  It is a handicap tournament for women age 50 or over. Congratulations to those that cashed.  Prize checks are being mailed to the team captains.



Battle Of The Sexes Baker Tournament

Saturday, October 19 1:00pm

AMF Christown Lanes


 Over $4,000 was raised by the bowlers in this fun event for Bowl for the Cure.


The winning teams in each division, Split Happens and Divas for the Cure. 

The Split Happens team won "The Battle of the Sexes"






Tournament organizer, Mandy Etem.  Great job Mandy!!


6th Annual 2X2 Mixed Doubles Tournament

August 4th - AMF Christown

Adult and Adult/Youth Divisions

A record number of bowlers turned out for the 6th Annual 2X2 Mixed Doubles.  There were 103 teams in the Adult Division and 14 teams in the Adult/Youth Division. 

The results are now official.  Averages have been verified.  There were a couple of changes in the optional scratch as a couple of bowlers had paid the optional entry fee but it was not marked on the entry.   Checks have been mailed.

Thank you to AMF Christown for hosting this event once again. And thank you to all that participated.


2013 Hall Of Fame Inductees

Superior Performance


                                   Michael Brinkmann                                David Cirigliano



League Tournament of Champions

Brunswick Zone Glendale July 14th




2012-13 Averages

A listing of the 2012-13 league averages can be found by clicking on the "Averages" button on the left.  These are all the averages that were submitted to us by the league secretaries.  There were a couple of leagues that were not submitted and are not included.  All of the MPUSBC centers will have a copy of the entire Yearbook  League secretaries that want one can pick it up at the league organizational meeting from the MPUSBC Representative.

Averages can also be found on Bowl.com.  On the top right, click on "Find a...".  A drop box will let you make a choice to "Find a member"  Click on that and it will bring up a new screen where you can enter the name of the bowler you are searching for.  Be sure to enter the complete name, not nicknames.  I

Dave Cirigliano inducted into Arizona State Hall of Fame




                                Josh Blanchard 300 game                                   Johnny Gonzales 813 series


2012-13 Open Championships

The 2012-13 MPUSBC Open Championships was hosted by Brunswick Desert Sky (team event) and Glenfair Lanes (doubles/singles events) on March 16, 17, 23 and 24. 

Congratulations to Johnny Gonzales for his 813 series and Josh Blanchard for his 300 game in the team event.  And congratulations to Kevin Jenkins for a 300 game in the doubles event.

Checks will be mailed to the Team Captains on Tuesday, April 16





2012-13 MPUSBC Youth Scholarship



The Ladies Open Championships at Let It Roll Bowl is completed. The prize winners are posted below.  The prize checks will be printed and mailed this week. The scratch champions are posted separately.  These bowlers are credited with City Championships titles and will be invited to the 2013 Awards Banquet to receive their awards.  Congratulations!

Congratulations to Bryanna Caldwell for her 300 game rolled in the doubles event!

Thank you to Let It Roll Bowl for hosting the tournament and all the Ladies that competed the past two weekends



2012-13 Youth Open Championships

The Youth Championships were held at AMF Deer Valley on January 26th and 27th.  The OFFICIAL results are available by clicking on the link below. All prizes are awarded as scholarships through the SMART program.  This year, $2,826 was awarded in scholarships.  Medals will also be presented to the top finishers. Congratulations!



2012-13 Senior Masters

Robert Lewis dominated the Senior Masters at Lakeview Lanes.  He lead the six games of qualifying with a 1444 total, including the tournaments only 300 game.  Then in the double elimination finals he went undefeated to win the title.  He defeated the 2012 Champion Tom Frigon 390-361, Rick Smyth 465-447, Mike Matosich 448-402 and then Rick Smyth again 436-395.  Rick battled his way back to the title match by winning 3 additional matches in the contenders bracket after his initial loss to Robert.

Complete Results

2012-13 Youth Open Championships

Deadline approaching - January 23rd




2011-12 MPUSBC High Averages


                            Emily Ornelas  218                                William Graham   237


2012-13 Senior Open Championships


All of the scores and averages are being re-verified. So far there have been some scores that were misentered and current averages that were reported but not changed in the tournament database. They should be made official by January 18th, just waiting on a couple of league sheets to verify current averages.  If you see a discrepancy in theses unofficial results, please contact us.



Checks will be going out January 28th.  Congratulations to the cashers!

2012-13 Senior Masters

The Senior Masters will be on January 12th and 13th at Lakeview Lanes. This is a scratch event for all bowlers over the age of 50.  The format is 6 games of qualifying on Saturday with the top 7 plus the 2012 champion, Tom Frigon, advancing to the finals.  The finals will be double-elimination 2 game matches.  Entry fee is $80.00 with a $400.00 first prize based on 28 entries.

There was a win-a-spot held during the Doubles/Singles of the Senior Open Championships. There were 13 entrants. Winning the entry into the Sr. Masters was Mike Friedrichs with a 1384 total. John Babbitt was 2nd with 1366 and will receive a $50 credit towards his entry fee.



BVL Tournament November 10th


Thank you to all that donated and participated in the BVL.



Honor Scores as of December 1st

Click on link to the left to see who has rolled an honor score so far this season.


Valley of the Sun Senior Masters Tournament

MPUSBC Vice-President Joe Sharp presents Bill Evans with his championship check


Bill Evans out-struck Cliff Connors to win the 11th Annual Valley of the Sun Masters at AMF Desert Hills.  Bill qualified 6th with an 1116 five game total.  In the 2 game semi-final round he rolled games of 279 and 247 to move into 2nd place behind Connors.  In the elimination matches, he had a 269 and then 219 to move to the finals.  Connors was the top qualifier after 7 games advancing to the finals on games of 255 and 246.  The first game of the 2 game finals went to Evans 279-252.  In the second game, Evans kept up the pressure on Connors. When Connors opened late, Evans took advantage finishing with a 233 and 512 total to Connors 224 - 476.



Valley of the Sun Senior Tournament


The Valley of the Sun Senior tournament results are posted below.  Click on the link for each event.

Congratulations to Cliff Connors for his 805 series in team event and Bill Evans for his 300 game and 803 in doubles.




YOUTH King/Queen and Duke/Duchess tournament

Congratulations to Gillian Coyle and Sean Trzaskowski for winning their respective divisions in the MPUSBC Duke/Duchess and King/Queen Youth tournaments.  The tournament was held at Let It Roll Bowl on November 18th.  There were 26 entrants in the Duke/Duchess and 9 in the King/Queen.  Gillian received $275.00 in scholarship funds and Sean $150.00.  A total of $1465 was awarded in scholarships.


Gillian Coyle, Brandon Carrillo (back), Samuel Staggs (front), Austin Muldoon, Nathan Schmoldt


Back row: Jordan Hastings, Sean Trzaskowski; Front row: Savannah Carr, Marina Stever



Maricopa County Senior Women's Tournament

The Maricopa County Senior Women's tournament was held at AMF Desert Hills on November 3-4.  The tournament had two divisions in doubles and singles events.  The results are posted below.


2012-13 Summer Membership cards

As has been stated in past editions of the eNews, USBC is currently working on the development of a new membership system. This system is based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, a customer relationship management software package developed by Microsoft. The first stages of this development and rollout deal with internal systems for communicating with vendors and managing data.

Due to the implementation of this new system at USBC Headquarters, we were unable to send our summer membership files to our membership card vendor until the system was completed. Because of this, members will notice delays in receiving their membership cards purchased in a summer league.

The system is now active and all summer memberships purchased between March 15 and September 1 have been sent to our vendor. Bowlers who have purchased a membership during this time frame should expect to receive their card in the coming weeks. Please understand that this is directly related to the installation of the new system with USBC and was no fault of our vendor.



2011-12 Averages

A listing of the 2011-12 league averages can be found by clicking on the "Averages" button on the left.  These are all the averages that were submitted to us by the league secretaries.  There were a couple of leagues that were not submitted and are not included.  All of the MPUSBC centers have a copy of the entire Yearbook  League secretaries that want one can pick it up at the league organizational meeting from the MPUSBC Representative.

Averages can also be found on Bowl.com.  On the top right, click on "Find a...".  A drop box will let you make a choice to "Find a member"  Click on that and it will bring up a new screen where you can enter the name of the bowler you are searching for.  Be sure to enter the complete name, not nicknames.  It is possible that a bowler may not have their information available on Bowl.com.  This could be a result of them having checked the "omit from mailings' box on their membership card.  If this is the case, the bowler needs to contact USBC Headquarters to have the box unchecked.

Summer league averages will be posted as they are received from the league secretaries.  Keep in mind that a USBC rule passed by the delegates a couple of years ago now treat summer and winter the averages the same.  Unless otherwise noted in tournament rules, you must your highest average, winter or summer, to enter the tournament.


5th Annual 2X2 Mixed Doubles Tournament

August 5th - AMF Christown

Adult and Adult/Youth Division

Denise Sturgeon and Matt Jones won the handicap and scratch divisions of the Mixed Doubles held at AMF Christown.  Their handicap total of 1071 was 39 pins ahead of runner-ups Andrew and Jennifer Cain. Low to cash was 958.

In the Youth Division, Gillian Coyle and Glen Coyle teamed up for the win.  Gillian will receive her $75 prize as a SMART scholarship.

Joe Sharp rolled the only 300 game of the tournament.



Youth Scholarships

Congratulations to Lauren Douglas and Cierra Chamot for winning the MPUSBC 2012 Youth Scholarships.  Lauren will receive $750.00 and Cierra $500.00.

Forty Frame Tournament

The MPUSBC conducted a Forty Frame tournament at AMF Union Hills in conjunction with the Arizona State Championships.  While entries were not as good as hoped, the 57 that did enter had a fun time.  Jim Pratt was the top scorer with an 1171. Matt Villegas was 2nd with an 1167, David Leverage 3rd with an 1165 and Matt Jones 4th with an 1161.  Unofficial low to cash is 1039.

The tournament features a number of fun frames in the 40 frames including no-tap frames, mulligans, bonus frames, payday frames, and sour frames where you lose pins for not striking.



Tournament of Champions

Did you win your league?  Enter your team to bowl in the MPUSBC Tournament of Champions.  The tournament will be July 8th at Lakeview Lanes.  All adult teams will be five bowlers.  Youth teams will be four bowlers. If your league had less, you can pick up anyone from your league that bowled a minimum of 2/3rds of the league schedule.  The format will be 8 Baker games. Handicap will be 90% of 230 using the overall average of the five bowlers.  If your league secretary notified us, the entry forms will be mailed to the league champions.  Or you can download one here.



70th Annual MPUSBC Open Championships

March 17, 18, 24 and 25, 2012 at AMF Christown and Brunswick Tri City

The OFFICIAL standings are posted.  All of the score entries and averages have been verified before the standings were made official. There were some entry errors and average changes that were reported but not changed in the database/  These resulted in some changes in the standings.  The prize checks are being printed and will be mailed to the team captains. Thank you to AMF Christown and Brunswick Tri-City for hosting this year's City Championships.




 26th Annual Open Masters

46th Annual Queens presented by STORM

March 31-April 1 at Let It Roll Bowl


Koizumi, King win titles

Jory Koizumi captured the 2012 Queens title by defeating Bryanna Caldwell 493-417.  Koizumi was undefeated in the double elimination finals. She qualified 7th then defeated Brandi Wolfe, Savahna Porter and Aesha Turner on her way to the title match against Caldwell.  Other finalists in order of finish, 3rd Aesha Turner, 4th Brandi Wolfe, 5th Tina Stickney (defending), 5th Savahna Porter, 7th Brenda Burns and Mandy Etem.

Kyle King defended his title by defeating Lanndyn Carnate in a one ball roll-off after they tied in their match 422-422.  By tournament rules, any tie in the 2 game double elimination finals would be decided by a one ball sudden death roll-off until the tie is broken.  In this case, it determined the title. Kyle was undefeated so Lanndyn would have needed to won twice. In their match, Kyle got 7 on the fill ball giving Lanndyn a chance to strike out in the 10th frame to win.  He got the first two but got 9 on the last ball.  Kyle elected to go first in the roll-off and threw a strike.  Lanndyn left a stubborn 10 pin to finish as runner-up.  Other finalists, 3rd 4-time Masters Champion Ben Laughlin, 4th Cliff Connors, 5th Randy Cote and Brett Wolfe, 7th Jim Pratt and Ron Schloss.  With winning back-to-back, King joins Ben Laughlin and Pete Partridge as the only ones to successfully defend the title.

The Lane pattern for this tournament was the 44 foot WTBA London.

Sam Burke was the winner of the Storm Marvel Pearl bowling ball.  The ball was donated by Storm Bowling as sponsorship for the Queens tournament. 

MASTERS Finals        QUEENS Finals


Princess and Classified Masters Tournaments

March 31-April 1 at AMF Union Hills

Pluhowsky, Sabye earn titles

Kathy Pluhowsky won the Princess title for the 3rd year in a row defeating Micki Bushnell 216-198. The other finalists were Linda Baker in 3rd and Doreen O'Malley in 4th.

Joe Sabye defeated Ralph Mellecker 252-213 in the Classified Masters.  Finishing in 3rd was Youth USBC Member Sam Strunk. His winnings will awarded as a SMART scholarship.  In 4th was Larry Almo.

The Princess and Classified Masters tournaments were held on March 31st-April 1st.  These are handicap tournaments.  The Princess is for ladies that average 179 or less and the Classified Masters for all bowlers 189 or less.  We changed the finals format.  Qualifying was still 3 games.  The field was cut in half for 2 more games.  The top 8 then returned on Sunday. They rolled 3 games with the pin fall carrying over from Saturday.  The top 4 for all 8 games then advanced to the elimination style finals.  The top 4 will rolled 1 game with the lowest bowler eliminated.  The remaining 3 rolled another game, again the lowest eliminated leaving 2 finalists.  They rolled one game for the title.


                            CLASSIFIED MASTERS Results                       PRINCESS Results


70th Annual MPUSBC Ladies City Championships

February 11, 12, 18 and 19, 2012 at Brunswick Desert Sky


Thank you for bowling. The standings are now official.  Prize checks will be mailed to the Team Captains.




Lisa Hiller (1499), Doreen O'Malley (1463) and Gwen Turner (1455) won entries into the Princess tournament on March 31st-April 1st at AMF Union Hills.  There were 30 entries at $5.00 each into the win-a-spot so we awarded 3 paid entries.


Shirley Braverman won an entry into the Queens tournament on March 31st-April 1st at Let It Roll Bowl.  Shirley's doubles/singles total was 1364.  Aesha Turner earned a partial entry with her total of 1360.  There were 13 entries at $10 each.

MPUSBC Board Positions

The Metro Phoenix USBC needs you. If you are interested in serving on the Board and being involved in the sport, submit an application. This year at the Annual Meeting we will be electing the following positions:

President; Vice President (2); Directors (12) Youth Directors; National and State Delegates.




32nd Annual MPUSBC Youth City Tournament



The Youth City Championships was hosted by Glenfair Lanes on January 28th and 29th.  The awards from this tournament will be presented as scholarships to the bowlers SMART accounts. There was a total of $3017.00 awarded. Congratulations to all of the Youth Bowlers that earned scholarships. 

High School Bowling

Deer Valley, Centennial are League Champions

Clink on the link on the left to go to the High School page


54th Annual MPUSBC Senior Open Championships

January 7-8, 2012 at AMF Shea Village



The Senior Masters presented by DV8 Bowling will be on January 21-22 at AMF Shea Village.  Qualifying is 6 games at 2:00pm on the 21st.  The top 7 bowlers and the 2011 champion, Bob Hanson, will advance to the finals on Sunday at 10:00am.  The finals will be double-elimination, 2 game matches.  The entry fee is $80.00.

The winners of the DV8 bowling balls are: John Cross and Jerry Saienni.  Thank you to Robert Lawrence for donating them.


Tom Frigon came from the Losers Bracket and defeated Larry Hoffman twice to win the 13th Annual MPUSBC Senior Masters. In 2011, Tom was the runner-up to Bob Hanson but this time he made sure rolling a 300 in the finals.  In a strike filled finals, he won the two game match 568-526.



New from USBC BowlTV Live.

 Check it out for tips to improve your game

BVL Tournament Results

The results from the BVL Tournament at AMF Christown are available. Prize checks will be in the mail soon. Thank you to all that participated. 



King/Queen and Duke/Duchess Youth Tournaments

November 13th at Bell Lanes

The 3rd Annual King/Queen and Duke/Duchess tournaments was held at Bell Lanes on Sunday, November 13th.  The King/Queen is scratch and the Duke/Duchess is handicap.

Alyssa Strunk defeated Michael Chamot 185-173 to win the Duke/Duchess tournament. She advanced to the title match by defeating Dylan Hall, Michelle Jenkins and Shane LeMay.  For the win, she received a $260 scholarship.

In the King/Queen tournament, Jordan Hastings captured the title over Savannah Carr, Marina Stever and Andrew Dosey.  He receives a $130 scholarship.

Duke/Duchess results:  1st Alyssa Strunk $260.00; 2nd Michael Chamot $200.00; 3rd Shane Le May $170.00; 4th  Michelle Jenkins  $100.00; 5th Dylan Hall $80.00

King/Queen results:  1st  Jordan Hastings $130.00; 2nd Savannah Carr  $110.00; 3rd  Marina Stever  $70.00; 4th Andrew Dorsey  $55.00


Maricopa County Senior Women

AMF SCOTTSDALE, October 29-20

The 28th Annual Maricopa County Senior Women tournament was held at AMF Scottsdale Lanes.  This tournament has doubles and singles events and is open to USBC Women bowlers in Arizona that are at least 50 years of age.


 19th Annual Valley of the Sun Senior Tournament

Brunswick Desert Sky Lanes, October 25-26

Entry Form

The 16th Annual Valley of the Sun senior tournament was held at AMF Scottsdale Lanes.  The tournament had a 4-person team event, doubles, singles and all-events.  The Standings are available by clicking on the link below.  There were a couple of corrections of miss-entered scores and average corrections that had been reported but not changed.  Prize checks will be mailed the end of the week.



Valley of the Sun Senior Masters

Maresca captures the title

Tony Maresca barely made the finals having to win a one-game roll-off over John Babbitt to advance.  He took full advantage of situation, grabbing the lead after the third game of match play and never looked back, including rolling a 300 game in the final game.  Larry Hoffman used a 276 final game to move into 2nd, followed by Cliff Connors, Mike Friedrichs, Alan Grobmeier and Randy Reis.


The Metro Phoenix USBC presented six youth bowlers with scholarships totaling $3500.  The Youth USBC Members submitted applications that were then scored by the Scholarship Committee. Based on the point totals, the winners are Marina Stever, Steven Cheatham, Lauren Douglas, Jessica Anaya, Rebeca Reguero and Joanna Griem.  Congratulations!



Metro Phoenix USBC is on Facebook

If you are a member of Facebook, join the Metro Phoenix USBC Group or Fan page.  We update it with information about tournaments, honor scores and MPUSBC happenings.


Missing your USBC Membership card?


As bowlers are preparing for tournaments this time of year, many bowlers are realizing that they did not get their membership card or lost it.  To obtain a replacement card, go to www.bowl.com, in the right corner there is a drop down box that says "Find a......"  Click on "Find a member".  It will bring up a new page where you can enter your name or USBC ID#.  You must have the pop-up blocker turned off for this page to come up.  Enter your information then click on your name when it comes up.  This will bring up your USBC record.  You can then reprint your membership card. This printed version is acceptable at all USBC tournaments and is the method USBC has us issue replacements.


One of the benefits of USBC Membership is the newly launched Member Rewards program.  There are 100's of discounts available to USBC Members. Save on travel, movie tickets, cell phones, Target, Best Buy, Dell Computers and more.  Go to www.bowl.com/memberrewards to access the USBC Rewards program..  You will have to register but it is quick and easy. Take advantage of your membership and SAVE!


You can also find us on Twitter using the username of phxusbc.  Follow us and get tweets on what is going on in the Metro Phoenix bowling community. 


Contact Information

Di Tormanen, Association Manager

Telephone: 602-263-9700
FAX: 602-263-1270
Address:  3320 W. Cheryl Dr. B-123 85051
Email: General Information: phxusbc@phxusbc.com    




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